Michael H

The following is a recent experience I had that I just had to write to Amanda about…I thought I’d share that same email! Amanda! Before my divorce and before I was at (blank)….I spent 10 years at (blank) as a manager. Customer service is top notch most important with any business. Because we were trained so hard…they say a (blank) employee is the toughest customer to please because we demanded the same service that we give. Long story short….your maintenance guy is absolutely amazing. When the washer overflowed….I panicked and called maintenance immediately…. This was after 9 p.m. some time and he was so nice and polite…I asked him to just take a look at it the following day. When he got here…I had a few other things on top of the reason why he came. No hesitation….he lit the pilot light to the hot water heater….with no grumpiness….he checked out the water softener unit…that dude was awesome and is an example of customer service. Very pleased with this rental now knowing that he did such a great job. Big thanks to him….Big thanks to you!